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Cayucos Cass Pier

Cayucos was settled in 1867 by Captain James Cass.  The future of Cayucos as a shipping port for various supplies and goods was promising. Captain Cass' home still stands on the north end of town, not far from where he and his partner, Captain Ingals built the pier, a store and warehouse known as Cass' Landing.  Cayucos is 320 acres of the original Rancho Moro Y Cayucos Spanish Land Grant consisting of 8,845 acres.

The pier still exists, and the warehouse has become a community center that is available for public and private parties and functions. It also houses the Cayucos Art Society Gallery.

Cass’ Wharf is a “Free Public Fishing Pier” for rock fishing while surf fishing can be enjoyed all around Estero Bay. The quiet waters make it a haven for skin diving, swimming, surfing and ocean kayaking . In summer a paid lifeguard is on duty and boasts of an excellent safety record. Rock hounds and driftwood gatherers have miles of shoreline for collecting. Deep sea fishing boats for sport fishing sail regularly out of Morro Bay, to the South, and also to the North at San Simeon.

Most questions we hear from guests are concerning the weather in Cayucos.  Because our shoreline is facing south, not west, we experience much less fog than neighboring beach towns - especially in the summer months. Fall and spring are the most beautiful seasons.  Winter is our rainy season.  Typically rainfall is intermittent - storms not usually lasting more than a day or two at a time.  After the rain, by the way, the ocean is most photogenic!

Paraglider over Cayucos Beach
Paraglider over Cayucos Beach
Cayucos Ocean Sunset